Rainham and Beam Parkway Development Sites

Rainham and Beam Park
Image: artist impression of the RW4b site
Rainham and Beam Park CPO update.

The CPO public inquiry was postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis, the revised date for the public inquiry is expected to be December 2021, subject to confirmation by HM Governments Planning Inspectorate.
Please follow the link to access the CPO inquiry website which will updated regularly.
Rainham and Beam Park - Gateley

We endeavour to keep all affected landowners and tenants updated, however if you are affected and would like to discuss the purchase of your property or business relocation please contact:
Fahad Nakendo (Ardent Management) on +447763567342
or Email: fahadnakendo@ardent-management.com
Charles Gregory (Ardent Management) on: +447786962443
or Email: charlesgregory@ardent-management.com
For any other enquiries please email Email: Regeneration@havering.gov.uk.com

As part of the Council’s regeneration ambitions for Rainham and following a successful bid to the Greater London Authority the Rainham and Beam Park Housing Zone was established in November 2015.

The Council’s vision for the Rainham and Beam Park Housing Zone is the transformation of a declining industrial area into a vibrant new urban extension providing much needed new housing, including affordable and family homes, social, physical and green infrastructure with good access to public transport and employment opportunities. The regeneration proposals include the construction of a new railway station, with direct transit to central London, significant works to remodel the A1306 to a residential scale street, and the creation of a new linear park within the Housing Zone.

In order to establish the Council’s investment priorities in the Housing Zone The Rainham and Beam Park Masterplan and Planning Framework was produced following extensive stakeholder consultation and was adopted as non-statutory planning policy in February 2016. The Masterplan and Planning Framework sets out a clear vision supported by key design and development principles that will ensure a coherent approach to any development activity.

Within the Housing Zone there are major sites that will be brought forward for development by house builders notably Countryside at Beam Park and Clarion at Somerfield. However, there are also sites that will require direct intervention from the Council as they are currently in fragmented ownership and cannot deliver new housing to the quality expected without being assembled into larger comprehensive development sites. Nine strategic housing development sites have been identified and one site to provide access to the new Beam Park station and these are shown below.

Rainham and Beam Park

With such a significant level of investment required and a large scale of development proposed within a complex regeneration environment, it was apparent that the Council alone would not have the resources or capacity. An experienced development partner was required and in December 2017 the Council agreed to appoint Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) as its development partner to implement the Housing Zone Strategy, to assemble key sites along the A1306 corridor and to undertake the first phases of housing development in the Housing Zone. The Council and NHG entered into a formal joint venture partnership known as Rainham and Beam Park Regeneration LLP (RBPR) in March 2018.

On behalf of RBPR NHG are responsible for the land acquisition process supported by the use of the Council’s CPO powers to enable the acquisition of land interests that cannot be acquired by private treaty. On the 10th October 2018 the Council agreed to make the Rainham and Beam Park CPO to use the Council’s CPO powers to acquire land interests and ensure comprehensive development is delivered and thereby embarking on the formalities necessary for the submission of the CPO.

The Council has been in contact with all landowners and occupiers who may be affected to discuss the implications and process of land acquisition, the CPO process and relocation opportunities. Ardent who are acting for the Council and NHG, have been contacting and meeting landowners on an individual basis. A property has already been acquired and negotiations are underway with others.

The Council made the CPO on the 4th October 2019. It is expected that a public inquiry will be held over summer of 2020 and the CPO confirmed by the Secretary of State early in 2021. All relevant files and information can be found in the CPO Download Files section of this page or in hard copy at the Romford PASC, The Liberty Shopping Centre Romford, RM1 3RL. Lifts and stairs to the PASC are located via the walkway between H and M and Next shops, opposite the public toilets. The PASC is closed on the last Wednesday of each month from 9am to 11am except in March, May, August and December.