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Business and Residential Relocation

Business Relocation

RBPR have a business relocation strategy in place, which is aimed at minimising potential disruption to current business activities and offer ongoing, effective support where available. The relocation strategy has been adapted to the requirements of specific businesses rather than adopting a "one size fits all approach" as the level of support will differ according to the requirements of each individual business.

NHG, supported by agents Ardent Management and the Council will soon be engaging with affected businesses in order to understand their specific circumstances and relocation requirements. By gaining an understanding of a particular business’s circumstances and requirements, will ensure that any relocation solutions offered are the best available to meet it’s ongoing business needs and accommodation requirements.

If you wish to discuss your relocation options, please contact Ardent Management on the following email address: newroad@ardent-management.com

Residential Relocation

When requested the Council will work with residential occupiers to understand their requirements in respect of size, location and budget provide assistance in finding alternative private rented accommodation.

If you wish to discuss your relocation options, please contact the Council’s Regeneration Programmes Service on the following email address: Suzanne.james@havering.gov.uk.