Rainham and Beam Parkway Development Sites

Rainham and Beam Park
Image: artist impression of the RW4b site

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you regenerating Rainham and Beam Park?

The need for new and affordable housing to meet increasing local demand is recognised at national and regional level. In 2015, after a successful bidding process, the area was designated as one of the Mayor of London's Housing Zones – this was part of the long term vision for the area, which the Council has been working towards for a number of years. This will bring tens of millions of pounds in investment funding into the area. The south of the borough hasn't received the same amount of investment as other more central areas over the years. The Rainham and Beam Park Housing Zone will deliver 3,500 new homes along with the entire mix of essential social amenities that a community would want and need including a school, health facilities, a 2km Linear Park along the A1306 and a new station at Beam Park to create a sustainable and connected new community.

What will the Housing Zone deliver?

The Rainham and Beam Park Housing Zone will deliver:

What is being delivered as part of your partnership with Notting Hill Genesis?

Within the Housing Zone there are major sites that will be brought forward for development by housebuilders, notably Countryside at Beam Park and Clarion at Somerfield. However, there are also sites that will require direct intervention from the Council to enable development that meets with the overall Housing Zone objectives of high-quality design and comprehensive developments. This avoids small-scale piecemeal projects, generally offering poor quality design and build with limited contribution to affordable housing provision, the environment and infrastructure provision. Working with Notting Hill Genesis, we will be assembling a number of sites along the A1306 to then develop into more than 770 high quality family homes, 35 per cent of which will be affordable. This is a £250 million project which will transform the A1306 corridor into a vibrant, sustainable, residential-led neighbourhood.

Why did you choose Notting Hill Genesis as development partner?

The Council does not have the resources or capacity to deliver such a large and complex development scheme alone and with any joint venture an experienced development partner is vital. Notting Hill Genesis is a financially robust housing association with expertise far beyond traditional affordable housing provision, including residential development for sale, market rent, student accommodation and commercial premises. Notting Hill Genesis' approach as a long-term owner and manager of property means they are committed to building homes and communities that will last, as they will be maintaining and managing these properties for many years to come.

How will the community benefit?

The project will deliver local homes for local people, and will benefit the community in more ways than one. It will provide employment opportunities through construction and apprenticeships and improve commercial prospects for local businesses. The new homes developed by the Council and Notting Hill Genesis will give hundreds of families from Havering the chance to move into a high quality new home and make the most of the new, modern facilities being created as part of the wider housing zone. Improved open spaces, better transport, and a new health centre and school will help improve lives for thousands of residents living beyond the housing zone, while Notting Hill Genesis will also provide 37 construction apprenticeships and 77 training opportunities to people living within the borough. The partnership between the Council and Notting Hill Genesis will seek to deliver at least 35% affordable housing, a mixture between London Affordable Rent and Shared Ownership. Notting Hill Genesis will seek nominations from the Council's waiting list for these properties.

When will the new homes be built?

We are embarking on a seven year programme of delivery with the first homes due to be delivered late 2020/early 2021 followed by regular delivery of new homes up to late 2024.

How can I get one of the affordable homes?

NHG will own and operate homes for affordable rent or shared ownership

Rent levels

Rents will be charged in accordance with the tariffs set by the Mayor of London. A link to the Mayor's Homes for Londoners AHP 2016-21 Funding Guidance below:

Page 7 has details of the London Affordable Rent benchmarks

Shared ownership and levels of affordability

A link to the Mayor's Homes for Londoners AHP 2016-21 Funding Guidance below:

Pages 10-11 has details of the Shared Ownership maximum household income.

Why are you planning to use your CPO Powers?

The development sites are currently in fragmented ownership and cannot deliver new housing to the quality expected without being assembled into larger comprehensive sites. A Land Acquisition Strategy is required to secure comprehensive residential development by organising sites currently in multiple, complex ownership into developable plots in single ownership. The sites will be acquired through negotiation and private treaty in the first instance or CPO, if necessary, and will be brought forward for comprehensive residential development by the joint venture LLP in partnership with NHG. The joint venture partnership has been in contact with all landowners and occupiers who may be affected to discuss the implications and process of land acquisition including relocation opportunities. A number of properties have already been acquired and negotiations are underway with others.

As a resident, will I be able to return to the area once the development is completed?

The redevelopment proposals will provide a range of property types and affordability ranges from one-bedroom flats to three bedroom homes. The private sale homes will be sold as the development comes forward and marketed on the open market. NHG will seek nominations for shared ownership and affordable rent properties from the Council's waiting lists.

Will there be an option to relocate my business/move into a council home?

We will work with businesses affected by private treaty and CPO acquisitions in trying to find suitable alternative relocation premises. In addition disturbance payments will be agreed which will be assessed based on the costs of having to relocate.

When requested we will work with residential occupiers to understand their requirements in respect of size, location and budget provide assistance in finding alternative private rented accommodation.

Where can I find out more information about the Compulsory Purchase Order process?

You can find out more about the process by downloading the government's booklet on compulsory purchase procedure from: